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Our Wedding
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Guestbook for Krista & Humberto
Katie Ingraham(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful wedding pictures Krista!!! You looked beautiul and so very happy! I love that!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!
Helen MacKay(non-registered)
Krista's dress is so beautiful. I love the bare feet in the photos on the beach. Humberto looks like a sweetheart.
Doug and Dana Overbo(non-registered)
We viewed Krista's wedding photos from the website & they make a sweet good-looking couple!
Dana & I viewed the photos this afternoon & just tonight Vince & Joyce viewed them with us.
Thank you for sharing the photos with us-we loved them.
We were happy to see the new couple & others from Woodstock we recognized!
Gem and Greg Morgan(non-registered)
The pictures are absolutely beautiful - what made me cry was that Greg did the talk, now, how did he do that without crying that's what i want to know???????????? and did you cry???
Deb and Larry Crane(non-registered)
What a beautiful wedding. You all looked so gorgeous. The pictures are so fantastic, and it looked like a wonderful happy day.
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